Amateur cooking lessons

We offer half-day cooking classes and intensive week courses, for beginners and professionals. You will be given step-by-step instructions mixed with some of your own creative touches to prep a healthy dish that you will share with your fellow students after the class and easily remake at home for your friends and family. Daniel is beyond passionate about cooking, beyond considerate to people, beyond professional about business and beyond our expectations. The emphasis in all our classes is to use equipment that is easy to use and all our produce is local and seasonal and is available in the local shops. Cozier more intimate space suited for smaller family engagements and private classes, sits up to 16 people. When I am cooking or eating with people I feel happy because it is a way of sharing everything.

Cookery School

We inspire everyone to cook.

I am sharing my time, my experience and my knowledge and that is very gratifying. Basic Cooking January The basics. A : Our wish is to work together, have fun, learn cooking skills, breaking bread together, socialize and sharing quality time together. A dish should always be made from scratch, with the freshest seasonal ingredients. We provide cooking lessons to accommodate all group levels. I have a gift certificate….

Baan Thai Cookery School

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Seasoned vet who wants to expand your repertoire? Create a five course meal. He is passionate about cooking and sharing his knowledge. I highly recommend his courses. Via dei Fienaroli, 5, Roma.
Students adjourn to a comprehensive wine seminar learning how to present and serve wine, create food and wine pairings and swirl, sniff, spit, swallow and savor like a pro. The amateur courses are divided in levels from which you can choose from and the professional courses are divided in professional chef course, professional pastry course and professional oven pastry. Professional Instruction for Amateur Cooks. Our cooking classes are taught in Italian and in English. Our classes are NOT demonstrations, but rather, participants actively take part in all phases of the food preparation. Via dei Fienaroli, 5, Roma. Our cooking classes are participative and include both hands-on cooking and visits to food artisans, olive oil and wine producers, local food markets, and food festivals.
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