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The use of douches , perfumed toilet paper or soaps, and some drugs, such as antihistamines can further irritate vaginal dryness and shouldn't be used by women suffering from its symptoms. Reduced sexual activity as well as medications such as antihistamines can contribute to vaginal dryness. Your friend will receive an e-mail invitation to view this page, but we will not store or share this e-mail address with outside parties. Why could this be happening? While vaginal dryness and irritation can be frustrating and cause greater health problems like urinary tract infections, you don't have to suffer silently.
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What you should know about vaginal micro-tears

Why could this be happening? Even your favorite pair of skinny jeans could be the culprit if worn commando. Share on: Facebook Twitter. A biofeedback machine may be used to monitor your progress on a computer screen linked to a small sensor in your vagina. You'll also learn exercises to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles and ease tightness in the hips. Extra virgin coconut oil EVCO in a warm bath helps naturally moisturizes the vulva helps prevent the disruptive symptoms caused by vaginal dryness.
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How to Prevent a Vaginal Tear | Right as Rain by UW Medicine

The result can be a vicious circle, again highlighting how intertwined sexual problems can become. During a pelvic exam, your doctor can check for signs of skin irritation, infection or anatomical problems. For some women, simply thinking about intercourse can start a cycle of tightness, pain, and avoidance of sex. Pain during sex can affect both men and women. When ovarian production of estrogen declines at menopause, vaginal tissue may become thinner, less lubricated, and less elastic.
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Women can experience vaginal tearing during childbirth. Arousal creates the engorgement and lubrication you need to make penetration both more pleasurable and more comfortable, says Shope. A condition called the 'scratch-itch' cycle can occur as a result of wearing sanitary napkins and panty liners every day. Partners may need to openly discuss the best ways to ensure lubrication. Another culprit is vestibulodynia also known as localized provoked vulvodynia , a chronic pain syndrome affecting the vestibule. Condom Quality Check that the condoms that are being used are neither expired nor damaged.
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